Meet the Team

Kelly Boland

Web Developer

Adam Savoy

Network / Hardware

Working in the development of web-applications for online reservation systems, online auction systems and project management systems, and working with large scale websites, are just some samples of Kelly's programming experience.

Kelly is a self-taught expert with WordPress design. Using WordPress as a content management system (CMS), Kelly is able to create custom designs, that look like ordinary websites, and code them into custom WordPress themes, widgets and plugins to allow you complete and dynamic control over your site through a secure portal. (Call this Geek offers WordPress packages for large and small websites for business that want to have complete control over their website without needing to learn code.)

Adam has a special talent for explaining our professional terminology to those less versed in "geek" language, but don't let that fool you. Adam embodies and is proud of the title "geek". He is passionate about computers and other technical devices such as mobile phones. Adam's specialities don't necessarily reside in the development of new programming or web devices, but more in his adept use of already available technologies.

No one can secure a wireless network, or set up the perfect file sharing system like Adam can. He not only hides the wireless networks (with the obvious exception of the devices he sets up to use it), creates a fully encrypted password that would take a hacker years to break, and can limit your network to accept ONLY your devices based on a hardware identification number. This will keep your network, and personal files, safe and locked up from digital prying eyes.

Adam is a master of his computer set ups. Having built his own personal computers several times, he understands how important it is to have a system that works, without slowing it down. Adam installs only the most lightweight, but extremely effective software onto computers, making them secure, run smoothly and without slowing it down.